Boulevard Pool

Boulevard Residents, The pool is closed today because we are experiencing a great water loss. The pool contractor is testing to determine the source of the leak. The pool will be open Saturday and Sunday with a hose continuously adding water. Early Monday the pool will shut down again for further inspections. The pool is safe for swimming. Thanks so much for your patience! Plateau Property Management

Pool Closure

Saturday, July 12, 2014 Boulevard Residents: We have just been notified that one of the pool pumps has failed and needs to be replaced. The pool will be closed for a few hours but the repair will be made today. We appreciate your patience. PLATEAU PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

The Boulevard Community Updates 07/02/14

· *Painting:* Touch-ups are underway. Anything not handled in the next week will be handled when the garage doors are painted. · *Garage Doors:* You may have noticed that several of the garage doors have been marked with a â